Who I am ?

I’m a lawyer, professional coach and travel designer

For many years I have been interested in personal growth and the soul for self-improvement and relationships with others.

I am a theta healing worker, an effective technique that, thanks to the brain frequency in theta waves, as an operator I can accompany the person to work on their emotional blocks, to make their potential explode by creating mental, physical and spiritual balance.

I then became a professional coach in Zurich, at the CTI Active Coaching Co to apply the metaphysical experiences to life coach techniques also used in the main business realities.

After having attended several courses on the potential of the human mind, I realized that the greatest care for the body, the spirit and the mind is the contact with places, people and animals, which allow you, of course, to return to your primordial balance, for this I also “design” journeys and experiences based on different needs and to do so in deep connection with those who contact me.