Finding ourselves in an age where the hard “work, work, work” blurs the state of being and of the present I have noticed that precisely in this area my support can be more than significant and useful.

My goal is to help create well-being in the individual and in the community as a work environment, family and social in general.

The techniques I use – coaching, theta healing and unblocking of energy points in the body – combined with experience and a good dose of intuition will ensure that those who begin a journey with me can:

  • learn self-help techniques in times of stress and for any emotional or non-emotional pathology
  • best self-creating oneself, showing the bases for a present and a future appropriate to oneself
  • expand the emerged good, once the spark of ignition has been discovered, like a wave of light to anyone who meets and applies it in all areas of daily life, as well as to all relationships, both personal and professional, to be able to achieve with new eyes that things can really change and finally test that it is not magic, but simply energy in motion.